You got funded. What now?

12 May 2019 by Paul Boldyrev

Kickstarter is an awesome platform. Anyone, literally anyone, can go on there and raise the funds they need to start their awesome new project. This, however, creates the issue of accountability. If an entrepreneur thought through their project up to the Kickstarter stage – that is where the trouble begins.

For many first-time creators, shipping is a monster. It lurks in the back of your mind when you create your project, when you go to sleep, when you brush your teeth in the morning. To put it simply, the costs of packaging, the cost of the shipping label itself, and the labor required to package all rewards is almost impossible to accurately predict before the project begins.

“For many first-time creators, shipping is a monster.”

When you are in this predicament as an entrepreneur, you have two distinct options: overprice your rewards and have spare cash that you can use if something goes wrong, or price your rewards regularly and be ready to pay out of pocket. The second option means more backers, and a bigger, cooler, more popular project. This is where many Kickstarter endeavors fall through in their delivery. Creators simply do not want to put up their own capital into the project they expected to pay for itself.

Unfortunately, there’s not much that can be done to remedy this. Shipping and fulfillment will continue to remain in the dark for most entrepreneurs until they are actually faced with delivering the rewards. Postage cost will remain as fluid as they are right now.

The only hope is the backers themselves.

As you are browsing through Kickstarter and are ready to make a pledge for a tangible reward, think to yourself, “Does this seem too cheap? Are these creators trustworthy?”

Though this may seem basic, such an attitude can help you avoid losing your money in projects like the Cicret and support smaller creators who are pricing their goods with a safe margin to ensure that the product actually gets to your door.

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